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New Year, New Blog!

Hello my fellow readers!
If you've been following me, you'll know that I formerly wrote the blog, the daydream list. While I enjoyed working on that project, I've had something new in the works that focuses more on something that I'm passionate about.

Welcome to the Book Gawker! I'm bringing my love of all things literary to a new space that will focus entirely on my favorite topic - books. Have you ever stood around the aisle of the book store trying to find something new? If you're like me, you're always looking for another book to read and can have a hard time choosing. I'm hoping that this little piece of the blogosphere will help you find your next book to read.

In the past I've formatted my reviews as a monthly post about the books that I read over the previous month. With this blog, I'm hoping to post more frequently so that I can spend more time thoroughly reviewing each book and giving my recommendations. While I probably will not do a thorough review of everything that I read, I will write my recommendations for the books that I finish this year as I did for last year. I did import all of my 2015 reviews from the daydream list here so you'll be able to look back at them if you choose.

I hope you'll enjoy reading along with me in 2016!

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