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Find Her (Detective D.D. Warren #8), by Lisa Gardner

This book made my stomach hurt and creeped me out.

Why do I read crime fiction?!

Ok, so remember earlier this week when I wrote a nastygram about All the Missing Girls? I know – it wasn’t nice, but if you recall, I mentioned that I want the author to surprise me.

Lisa Gardner surprised me.

Find Her is the eighth book in Gardner’s Detective DD Warren series and it was outstanding. The novel opens with Flora Dane dancing the night away at a local Boston nightclub, but her evening quickly goes downhill when she is abducted in an alley and wakes up in a vacant garage. However, unlike most abduction victims, this is not the first time Flora’s been taken, and her captor has no idea what she’s capable of.

Seven years ago, Flora was kidnapped while on Spring Break in Florida. 472 days later she was rescued.

Now five years after her re-entry to society she’s trained in self-defense and knows the limits the human mind and body can endure to survive. Her bedroom walls are papered with news clippings of other missing girls and she’s determined to help as many of them as she can.

But Flora’s missing again and this time, her abduction may be in connection with another missing girl’s case. Detective D.D. Warren and FBI victim advocate Sam Keynes find themselves scrambling to locate Flora before time runs out and she’s lost again forever.

Partly narrated in flashbacks from Flora’s first abduction, her present abduction and from D.D.’s position as a detective – this twisty, creepy thriller is everything that I want in a crime novel. It has a methodical, slow build format, each narrator only revealing a little bit at a time. The characters are fascinating and well developed and the storyline moves at a good pace. This novel was purely engrossing – I couldn’t put it down and it had me guessing all the way to the end.

If you love twisty, creepy crime novels you’ll probably enjoy this one too!

I’ve said it before, but I’m looking for recs from this genre! If you have one to share, leave it in the comments!

Bonus: You don’t need to read all seven of the other D.D. Warren books for this to make sense. It can be read as a standalone or as part of the series.

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