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Review: Nyxia by Scott Reingten

Okay - I'll be completely honest with you all, this book took me forever to finish. Sometimes that's not so bad because I'm just not in the mood to read or another book catches my eye. But in this case, I just couldn't get into the first 50% of this book for whatever reason.

Scott Reintgen is a proficient writer, and all the elements are there for this to be a standout series. Let me explain, at this point Nyxia is a decent debut effort - it's sort of unique I suppose and the writing isn't bad, the author has given us a very diverse cast of characters that all seem to have one thing in common - but the pacing is all over the place and the plot is fairly predictable and what's worse is that it's very repetitive - which is what I think caused me to lose interest. The MC is likeable and I feel like teens will want to root for Emmett - but here's the thing; this novel feels like it's entirely a set up for the second and third installments in a series.

In my opinion I think that the sum of the whole is going to be a lot stronger than the individual parts. Reingten's book would have benefitted from a little more suspense. I think that if the reader were given little glimpses into Babel rather than just focusing so much on the day to day activities of the recruits it would have been more captivating and interesting.

Decent effort though - and I'm mildly interested to see what happens next.

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