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New Release: The Fortunate Ones by R.S. Grey

Happy Release day R.S. Grey!

As many of you are aware, I really enjoy Rachel's books. If you're looking for a steamy contemporary NA - she writes some of the best. Her books are compulsively readable - once you start you can't seem to stop reading them.

Today her latest book, The Fortunate Ones, is available for you on Amazon and what's even better is that if you're an Amazon Kindle Unlimited member you can read the book for free (no this post is not sponsored by Amazon - I just like to share a good deal when I see one).

Thank you to R.S. Grey for sending me an advanced review copy of this novel!

I feel like R.S. Grey is one of those authors who has a lane - she's really good at writing witty NA Romantic Comedies that you can read quickly. Her books are the type that you read on an airplane or as a rebound from some dark literary fiction. While I don't particularly love everything in the NA genre - I do love R.S. Grey's books, she's one of the writers in this genre that gets everything right.

Like Anything You Can Do and The Foxe and the Hound, The Fortunate Ones is a steamy rom-com full of witty one liners and off the charts chemistry.

Brooke Davenport is 25, lives in a co-op near UT Austin with an eclectic group of roommates. She has big dreams of traveling and seeing the world. One thing she's not looking for? Long term commitment aka marriage.
Working as a cabana girl at an elite Austin country club, she's exposed to the rich, famous and ridiculously entitled of elite - among them is James Ashwood.

James is ridiculously handsome, very wealthy, 11 years Brooke's senior and looking for #wifematerial. It's safe to say that the two really have no business being together. But through a series of events they find themselves drawn to each other. But when they both want different things, is it smart for them to keep seeing each other?

Once again R.S. Grey delivers a smart, sexy comedy that is sure to please fans of this genre. Her characters are fully fleshed out, flawed and relatable. As usual I enjoyed the well placed pop culture references that didn't feel clichéd, witty banter and well thought out story that R.S. Grey delivered. I'm a fan - and enjoyed this book as much as her prior ones.

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