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My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella

Sophie Kinsella's name is synonymous with adorable chick lit. Most people are familiar with her extremely popular Shopaholic series, which are mindless, yet fun books that for me are the perfect escape. They're easily digestible and entertaining. So as expected, My Not So Perfect Life checks all the boxes of a fun Kinsella novel that offers a perfectly light reading experience.

If Instagram is any indication of one's success and posh experiences, Katie's living the life of a successful London millennial with the perfect marketing job, amazing friends and fine dining. But in reality, she's living in a closet, her flat mates are definitely not her best friends, she can't afford that hot chocolate she posted on her social media and her job is definitely far from dream worthy. In fact, her boss, Demeter, is an absolute nightmare. But moving from the country into the city is what Katie's always dreamed of and she's determined to make her life look perfect even if it's a far cry from it. But things don't always go as planned, and when Katie is let go from her job she trudges back to her home town to help start a "glamping" business at her family's farm.

This book is darling and quite entertaining. I did enjoy the commentary on social media - which I think is a big part of the narrative. Katie does everything she can to appear happy and successful when she really isn't, and it's interesting how we manipulate our lives to appear a certain way on social media. This is a super fun book that had some vibes reminiscent of The Devil Wears Prada, and I think that for what it is - it's well done.

Light and fluffy - predictable but fun. Look - if you're wanting to read something that's quick and entertaining, I would pick this book up. It doesn't offer anything to really sink your teeth into, but it's a fun read that will keep you entertained for an afternoon. Adept readers will see the major plot points coming, and Katie can get in her own way quite a bit. Even still, I enjoyed it.

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