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The Simple Wild by K.A. Tucker

Thank you Netgalley and Atria Books for an advanced galley of this book!

Sometimes you just need a book that allows you to escape from the daily life things and enjoy a story about family, falling in love and growing up. That's exactly what The Simple Wild was for me - and I loved it so much. K.A. Tucker's latest contemporary romance novel is exactly the kind of book that I want to read - and then reread as soon as I've finished it because I can't imagine leaving these characters behind. Suffice it to say, I really enjoyed this book.

Some of that may be personal for me because I live in the Pacific Northwest (not Alaska though), and spent a pretty good amount of time with my dad in the copilot's seat of his Piper Turbo Arrow growing up. I am all too familiar with the way pilots obsess over weather patterns and the small planes that they meticulously care for and fly. So it's not a stretch for me to relate to the people who run and fly the planes of Alaska Wild, the business run by Calla's father in the book.

I loved these characters and how K.A. Tucker wasn't afraid to shy away from some difficult emotional subjects - loss, estrangement, guilt, love, personal growth - all find a way to be relevant and important to the storyline. I find that with a lot of contemporary romance - we typically get the tropey romantic aspect but loose out on the bigger story at play or we have to sacrifice a well written book for cliched, and again tropey, romance that has me eyerolling so much I need my head set straight. While Tucker does employ the hate to love trope (my favorite of them all) she does it well and with very minimal eyerolling on my part and a believable love story that I totally could get behind.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Simple Wild and will happily recommend it to my friends who enjoy contemporary romance. K.A. Tucker's books will be auto buys for me from now on - and of all the contemporary romance I've read lately this is one of my favorites.

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