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Book Worm: September & October's Book Reviews

September and October totally got away from me! Between the start of Kindergarten and a hectic work schedule I didn't get a chance to write up my book review for either month.
Forgive me?

Anyway, here's what I've been reading.

1. Go Set a Watchman, by Harper Lee

Here's what I think about this book. If you're going to enjoy it at all you need to read it as its own novel aside from Mockingbird. If you're like the majority of America, you loved Mockingbird. I did. Atticus Finch was my hero (especially in the form of Gregory Peck). But this book is very different from Lee's earlier work and I found myself having to read this with the understanding that the characters are now different and much time has passed.

2. The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty

I was a little behind the 8 ball on reading this, it seems like everyone and their mother read it last summer. I enjoyed it. I thought it was interesting how the characters were all related to one another and how their decisions inadvertently affected one another. I think this would be a good airplane read.

3. Tales From the Back Row, by Amy Odell

Hilarious. Now Cosmopolitan.com editor Amy Odell describes her experiences as an early fashion blogger. I loved her stories and tongue in cheek style of writing. She's able to pick out and poke fun of the fashion industry in a way that made me want to be best friends with her.

4. Cinder (Book 1 of the Lunar Chronicles), by Marissa Meyer

Who doesn't love a Cinderella story with a futuristic twist? This is the first book in a series of YA novels. I actually liked it, but haven't finished the rest of the series yet. The next book arrives this month. I thought the concept of a Cinderella cyborg was a little weird, but it worked for me throughout the story. Your teenage daughter will probably like this one.

5. Finding Audrey, by Sophie Kinsella

I really enjoy Sophie Kinsella's work and I really enjoyed this novel. Audrey is a teenager with an anxiety disorder. She wears dark glasses to hide her face and has difficulty interacting with people outside her immediate family. Until she meets a friend of her brother who challenges her to overcome her social issues. It was a really cute novel with likeable characters and a great narrator.

6. Why Not Me, by Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling is one of my favorite comedians. She is hysterical. Just read it. Especially if you're had a bad day at work.

7. See Me, by Nicholas Sparks

Okay I know you're all like, NOT NICHOLAS SPARKS! I know, I know. But this was actually really good! Typical Sparks with his Carolina love stories, but this was suspenseful (albeit slightly predictable) and had me all wound up. I'm sure the book has already been optioned for a movie - so who would you cast as Colin and Maria? I'd love to know.

8. In a Dark, Dark Wood, by Ruth Ware

LOVE THIS. A bachelorette party gone wild in the woods. Think this, you wake up in a hospital and can't remember the events that put you there. Someone is dead and we don't know how that happened and now you're going to go out to the nearest bookstore and get this so you can find out. You're welcome.

And that's it! There are some cool new books due out this month that I'm excited to read.
Anyone out there have a good recommendation for me?


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