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Book Review: The Star Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi

Initially I started this book with the audio version - but for some reason I just could not get into it!
So I switched to the actual printed book. I am so happy that I read this.


Roshani Chokshi is a masterful sorceress of story-telling. The Star Touched Queen is an exquisitely wrought tale of love, loss, and rebirth. I absolutely adore this book.

Maya is a daughter of the Raja of Bharata. Born with a horoscope that spells out misery and death for all she comes in contact with, Maya is a pariah amongst the harem wives and the court of her father. When the raja arranges a wedding for Maya in order to hopefully quell a costly war between Bharata and its neighboring kingdoms, things go wrong.

Maya finds herself whisked away by the King of Akaran - an unlikely suitor with many secrets.
As the Queen of Akaran, Maya is intrigued by the many secrets held by the kingdom and its ruler. Locked doors line the hallways of the palace, some holding dangerous secrets.

I don't want to go into many details about plot, but let me say that this reads like a fairytale and has many unexpected little twists to it. Expect beautiful prose and many interesting characters along the way.

This book is steeped in Indian folklore and mythology - I absolutely loved it. Chokshi's writing is spell-binding and just straight up magical. Add this one to your list if you haven't already.

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