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New Release Tuesday: Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan #SRC2017

Hello, fellow Book Friends and Happy New Release Tuesday!

Today you're finally able to get your paws on Kevin Kwan's newest novel in his Crazy Rich Asians series - Rich People Problems! I was sent an early copy of the book as part of BookSparks  summer reading challenge and read it last week before the release date. Let me tell you, it's just as funny as the other two books!

A few years ago I read Crazy Rich Asians - and found it to be a perfect weekend read. I found it to be hilarious, well paced and just plan crazy! Reading about feuding families, old money v. new money, tech start ups and billion dollar shopping sprees made for a very entertaining novel.

Kwan's second novel in the series, China Rich Girlfriend also made it to my reading list and like the first book, I found it similarly paced and just as funny as the first. Obviously I had the same expectations going into Rich People Problems - the latest in the series.

I read this book during my lunch breaks at work and found it hysterical! I was actually laughing out loud in spots, garnering some interesting looks from my co-workers in our lunchroom. This book is very similar to the other two - same crazy families, same crazy rich people problems! These characters are absolutely fascinating to me! I love the witty dialogue, the meddling mothers, scheming social climbers and just the whole Singaporean vibe of this book! If you enjoyed the other two, I believe you'll enjoy this one as well. If you haven't read this series, go check it out - it's perfect poolside reading fare!

Believe me, the drama never stops and it's one wild private jet ride at a time with these books!
If you're looking for something light and fun for the weekend or to carry you through the work week, check this one out!
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If you're on the look out for some new reading material - you can participate in the BookSparks summer reading challenge! All summer long we will be reading books from amazing authors like Kevin Kwan and sharing our #topsecretmission posts over on Instagram! Check out the lineup over here and read along all summer long! The challenge runs from May through August, you can read on your electronic devices - the team has joined forces with iBooks - or head down to your local library or local bookseller to purchase the books!

If you're reading along, I would love to know what you're thinking of these books so far!

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