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New Release Tuesday & #SRC2017 In This Moment by Karma Brown

Karma Brown tackles some heavy themes in her latest work, In This Moment, releasing today. It's a gripping, emotional novel about the guilt we carry over time and how one incident can bring long buried feelings to the surface.

When Meg Pepper and her daughter Audrey wave Jack Beckett across the street after school one day, the last thing they expected was to witness a horrible and tragic accident take place right in front of them. Jack, Audrey's boyfriend's twin brother, is struck by a negligent driver as he crosses the street and in that moment, Meg's world is shattered. Racked by the guilt she feels for allowing Jack to cross the street, memories of another accident, long ago, begin to surface. As Meg processes her grief and guilt, she draws closer to Andrew - Jack's father, acting as his support and sounding board. But as she and Andrew spend more time together, Meg's world begins to spin off its axis impacting her family and friends.

You guys - this book is so well written! This is an emotional story that I believe readers of Emily Giffin and Liane Moriarty will enjoy. It's complex and left me with very mixed emotions about the characters in this story. But I think that's a good thing. This book was messy, so well written, but the characters' actions deserved the consequences they experienced in the book. In some ways, I feel like Meg could be a very relatable character to some. She feels overwhelmed with her family/work life, struggles to connect with her teenage daughter - who pushes her away (as teenagers are sometimes apt to do). I found myself to be a very intrigued fly on the wall to her story and I think others will too.

In this Moment is out today - go grab a copy and add this domestic drama to your summer reading list!

This book was part of Booksparks Summer Reading Challenge! Learn more about the challenge here!

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